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The world's most complete 7 in 1 wholefood supplement.

PowerPack3 is the world's freshest vitamins!  Never stored in a warehouse, holding facility or on shelves.  Always drop shipped directly to you!


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"You Should Try Them Too."

"You know many of us don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. In this case, I'm talking about health. I'm Dr. Steve Vasilev, MD triple board-certified cancer surgeon.

In my case, the patients I see have cancer and are pretty much at the end of the line for many of them. Hopefully, you were previously aware that you can prevent cancer and many other chronic diseases with proper nutrition and proper lifestyle choices.

I usually recommend that most folks get their nutrients through their diet. However, what happens when people just can't do that? Most of us don't have the time, and there are other things that are more important, so we intelligently reach for supplements. But, which ones?

I recommend Dr. Joe Kaspers PowerPack3. Why? For the following reasons: (1) First of all it has all of the important ingredients of nutrients, probiotics, and digestive enzymes (2) And more importantly it's FRESH to you via home delivery. This means that it doesn't sit on a warehouse shelf somewhere where it can lose its potency. Which means that getting direct to you shipping is important.

I've tried them, they helped me. I think you should try them too.

  • Professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

  • Elected to “Top Doctors” in the United States for 14 years running

  • Published author of over 90 research articles "

Steve Vasilev, MD

Triple Board Certified

Cancer Surgeon

UCLA Medical School

Los Angeles, California

"Power Pack 3 is a Staple in my Program!"

"Hey guys, this is Dr. Beau Hightower.

I've tried a lot of supplements in my day. And I really don't use a lot of them. But one that is a staple in my program is Power Pack 3.

It has all the best stuff in it... digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics. It has all the micronutrients that I'm looking for in a supplement... and it's organic... and it's 100% vegetarian!

It has all the best stuff in it... digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics. It has all the micronutrients that I'm looking for in a supplement... and it's organic... and it's 100% vegetarian!

Dr. Beau Hightower 



Triple Board Certified

Cancer Surgeon

UCLA Medical School

Los Angeles, California

"Power Pack 3 by Far is the Best!"

"Hey, how's it going? My name is Dr. Carlos Gamero.

I'm a doctor of physical therapy and I work here at Elite OSM in the world famous Jackson Link Academy.

I just want to talk to you about Power Pack 3... you know in our profession, being in top performance is very important.  This gives me all of the minerals and antioxidants I need.  I've tried a lot of other stuff... a lot of other vitamins... you know pills and stuff. And this, by far, is the best!

It has probiotics, which I like, and natural enzymes for digestion, which helps my stomach.  I also train MMA, so it is very important that I take these vitamins every day.  It helps with everything from energy levels to even helping me sleep better...

I highly recommend Power Pack 3!

Dr. Carlos Gamero 


Certified Ortho-Therapist

"Freshest vitamins I have ever used…No Warehouse."

"I've been in the health field for 35 years. In my travels I have used many different products and supplements, but none as fresh as Joe Kaspers PowerPack3 - probiotics, enzymes, and a multi-vitamin.

Straight from the manufacturing process. No warehouse, straight to you the consumer.
It'll have a big effect, a good effect on your health. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Victor Dolan

Doctor of Chiropractic

Staten Island, New York

Dr. Gary Yen

Blood Plasma Replacement Specialist Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Marlboro, New Jersey

"I Highly Recommend The PowerPack3"

"I've been practicing medicine for 15 years. I've tried many different vitamins and supplements and they never do what they say they do.

The PowerPack3 are the only vitamins who have no wearhouse and go directly from the lab to you.

I highly recommend the PowerPack3."

Steve Lombardo, MD

Retired Internal Medicine

/United States Merchant Marines

Stonybrook Medical School
Brooklyn, New York

"As A Retired Doctor I Can Really Tell You That This Stuff Really Works!"

Dr. Joe Kasper turned me on to PowerPack3. Why three? Because it’s a probiotic, multi-vitamin, and digestive enzyme all in one. The key thing is this is fresh it doesn’t sit on a shelf 

It comes to you fresh and potent. It’ll help you the way that it helped me.

And as a retired doctor I can really tell you that this stuff really works!

Eric Dahl  

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Air Force Pilot

High Desert, New Mexico

"They'll Make You Feel Great!"

"Hi this is Doctor Eric Dahl and I'm in High Desert New, Mexico. I want to go ahead and tell you about the PowerPack3 vitamins. Great set of vitamins, you'll really enjoy the freshness of these. 

They'll make you feel great and if you have an active lifestyle they'll enhance your performance both in the gym and if you're doing competitions.

I highly recommend them, they are great and you'll never find a fresher pack around!" 

Regular Price:
Regular Price: $50.99
x3 = $178.97
Now $152.97
(You save $26)
Regular Price: $54.99
x2 = $119.98
Now $109.98
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Regular Price: $45.99
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Now $183.96
(You save $56)

Mark Schwartz 

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Atlantic City, New Jersey

"It’s The Freshest Vitamins I Know."

"Hi, I'm Mark Schwartz, DC chirporactor. I would like to let you know that I'm going to recommend the PowerPack3, I have no problems with that. 
It goes directly from the lab to you. 

It’s the freshest vitamins I know.

It has a probiotic in it, digestive enzymes, and multivitamins. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone."

Dwayne Lewis 

Age 51
Marketing Director 

Manchester, England

"Allergies Have Gone Away!"

"Hi I'm Dwayne Lewis, 51, and I work out on a regular basis.

Ever since I've taking Dr. Joe Kaspers PowerPack3 I've been more energectic, I HAVE NO BLOATING AN EVEN MY ALLERGIES SEEMED TO OF GONE AWAY.

So if you want the same results I suggest that you take PowerPack3!"

Bob Valdez

Age 52, Director Auto Body Repair Shop

Soccoro, New Mexico

"I Feel Nothing But Energy"

"Hello Everyone, Bob Valdez, collision manager in the auto industry here in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Wanted to thank Dr. Joe for providing these power packs. They come in really handy guys, in my trade and work is very stressful and high maintenance job.

Ever since I have taken these wonderful PowerPack3 vitamins it's been awesome. I FEEL NOTHING BUT ENERGY and be able to take care of business."

Brian Griesmeyer

Age 34, Law Student, Husband, Father of two

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"It's Always Fresh"

"My name's Brian, I'm 33 years old. I got 2 kids, and a wife.

I've been buying vitamins at the supermarket and wherever I could find them for quite a while until I met Joe and started using his vitamins, PowerPack3, which doesn't sit around so long on the shelves. He gets it to me fresh, it's always fresh. 

I felt A LOT MORE ENERGY since I started to take them. I'm also digesting my food a lot better and I've actually lost a little bit of weight.

I really appreciate the quality. Thank you Joe”

"It’s Given Me A Better Quality Of Life!"

Ty Cohen here from, the quickest way to create a best selling book and I’ve got one of my favorite items here, it’s the PowerPack3.

Now this is something that I’ve been taking for the past 8-months now and I got to admit it’s done some things for me that I truly didn’t think that it would do. It’s increased my energy levels and it’s just given me a better quality of life!

I’m big on supplements and I like to try different items out. I think that for the money this is one of the best things on the market. I’m totally blow away!

As a matter of fact I just ordered another shipment. One of the things that I like about it is that it’s convenient. I take a couple of these (packets) and throw them in my computer bag when I go out. Take some to the office with me or keep them in the car. They’re always at your disposal. Unlike traditional vitamins where you need to lug the entire canister with you, you dispense them one by one. You can just grab one of these simple travel packets as I like to call them and you take it with you and you’re good to go!

You can’t lose! Grab a pack and visit me at

Ty Cohen

Age 41, World Renown

Internet Marketer

Garner, North Carolina

Andrew Gutierrez

Age 42
Computer Programmer

Las Vegas, Nevada

"I've Been Feeling Great!"

"Hi my name is Andrew. I want to thank Dr. Joe Kasper for actually showing me these vitamins and offering them to me because I've been taking them for the last couple of months and I've been feeling great!

I work in computers and spend a lot of time sitting down not really getting much exercise. I was really tired after getting home from work.

With the vitamins and their natural ingredients I have a lot of energy for after working out been doing a lot more exercise!"

"Helped Me To...Feel Way Better About Myself!!"

"Hi my name is Patricia Reyes and I am so greatful to Dr. Joe who put his PowerPack3 together.

“IT HAS EVERYTHING THAT I NEED - the herbs, vitamins, my enzymes, it helps my digestive system…It has helped me to have energy and to feel way better about myself."

Patricia Reyes

Age 56
Bilingual Education Specialist

Orange County, California

"It's Increased The Quality Of My Life"

"I got 3 PowerPacks from Joe Kasper. Dr. Joe Kasper. It's increased the quality of my life.

It's given the nourishment that I need on a daily basis. And the energy is skyrocketing!"

John Anthony

Age 49, Professional Men’s Wardrobe Specialist

Freehold, New Jersey

Doreen Miley

Age 44
Registered Nurse

New Dorp, New York

"I Used To Be Very Constipated."

"Hi my name is Doreen Myley, I'm from New Dorp New York and I'd like to thank Dr. Joe Kasper for introducing me to the PowerPack vitamins.

I used to have a problem. I used to be very constipated and I have to say I am more regular every day. With the vitamins, I feel more energy and I feel great! 

Thank you, Dr. Joe.

Regular Price:
Regular Price: $50.99
x3 = $178.97
Now $152.97
(You save $26)
Regular Price: $54.99
x2 = $119.98
Now $109.98
(You save $10)
Regular Price: $45.99
x4 = $239.96
Now $183.96
(You save $56)

"One Of The Greatest Products I have Ever Used"

"Hi my name is Lenore and and I just want to tell you that this is one of the greatest products I have ever used. I have been taking vitamins for many years and had problems with colonoscopy's. This time I had no polyps so I really have to give credit to these pills. 

Let me show you they come in such a nice little pack that are easy to open. A little kid can open it. 
I'm looking forward to another 20 years of health because I'm 80! Thank you PowerPack3."

Lenore Kasper

Age 80, Retired Book Keeper/Bank Executive

Annadale, New York

Lupe Marroquin

Age 56
School Social Worker

Defiance, Ohio

“Power pack 3-not sitting on a shelf”

Hello my name is Lupe Maroquin and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I wanted to talk about this PowerPack….

Some of the things that I like about it: I like that they’re fresh, I like that there’s no waiting on the shelf, I like that they’re pretty convenient - I can take them with me anywhere I go and I don’t need to take this great big canister. I can just take a packet at a time to dinner, or to work, or to go out and do some activities.

I like that I feel pretty good when I take them, I got a lot more energy, I really recommend you try it out!

“I Find It Fabulous For My energy”

Hi I’m Lori, I’m from Salt Lake City. I’m a practice administrator in the health care field and I use PowerPack3.

I find it fabulous for my energy along with the fact that I know that they come directky to me and they don’t sit around in a warehouse. So PowerPack3! 

Lori Scarborough 

Age 47

Hospital Administrator
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Never Steal Home without It! Power Pack 3!"

Siegal Family Giants

Semi-Pro Baseball Team

Mid Island, New York

"All I use is

Power Pack 3"

"How are you guys at home doing? My name is Matt, I'm from Staten Island, New York. I'm 21 years old. I'm a power hitting college baseball player. 

No protein. No whey protein. No creatinine. No pre-workout. 

All I use is PowerPack3 from Dr. Joe. Thanks Dr. Joe.

Matt Provasi

Age 21, Division I College Baseball Player

New York, New York

Susanna Held

Age 54, Special Education/Bilingual Teacher

Willowbrook, New York

"I'm Not Bloated"

Hi my name is Susana Held, I'm a teacher here on Staten Island. I want to talk about the PowerPack3. 

I'm someone who doesn't really believe in a lot of this vitamin or supplement stuff. But, I decided to try this. 

I must say I am very satisfied, very happy. I have more energy, I feel better. I'm not bloated. It really does what it says it does and I would highly recommend it.

"I Feel Less Tired"

"My name is Nick Chicola, I'm from Westerly, New York. And I've been taking PowerPack for the last 4-months. 

And since I've been taking it I've been feeling a lot more energetic. I feel less tired. I don't need that nap in the middle of the afternoon. 

So I really find that this works for me. I'm 73 years old so it helps a lot."

Nick Chicola

Age 73, Retired Beauty Salon & Barber Owner

Westerly, New York

"This Has Changed My Life"

"Hi my name is Steve and I had some high blood pressure issues. My health was generally poor until I ran into Dr.Joe with the PowerPack3. He turned me onto this stuff and now I feel great! 

Not only do I feel great, but my blood pressures under control. 

It's so easy to take, I take them and put them in my pocket. during the course of my day when I have my meal, I take them out of the pack slip them right into my mouth and they're easy to digest. Real fast and easy and keeps me on the run.

My recommendation to you guys is the PowerPack3. Have a great day!"

Steve Lemanna  

Age 53, Computer Repair Business Owner

Saint George, New York

Regular Price:
Regular Price: $50.99
x3 = $178.97
Now $152.97
(You save $26)
Regular Price: $54.99
x2 = $119.98
Now $109.98
(You save $10)
Regular Price: $45.99
x4 = $239.96
Now $183.96
(You save $56)

"I Survived A Plane Crash."

"Hi my name is Sharon Mayo and I'm from Shreveport, Louisiana. 38 years ago I was in a plane crash and I was told I was never going to walk again. And I am walking and getting new movement everyday. 

I love the PowerPack3. It helped me.

I can just put them in my purse and go. I don't have to count them out. They're fresh from the lab to my house direct. There's no middleman and it makes me feel good.

I like what it does for me!"

Sharon Mayo  

Age 62, Master Level

Social Worker

Shreveport, Louisiana

Chris Sorrentino  

Age 36, Freelance Artist & Father of two

Richmond, New York

"I've Noticed A Positive Difference"

"Hi I'm Chris Sorrentino, a freelance artist and father of two. in Staten Island, New York. 

I've been taking the PowerPack3 wholefood supplements for a few months now and I've noticed a positive difference in my bodies digestion. And I've also noticed a ton of stamina and energy in my day to day life which helps with those kids, let me tell you.

"I've Been Taking Them & Overall Personally I've Felt Much Better."

"Hi my name is Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, MD, I'm a physician, an ear, nose and throat doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

I was introduced to the PowerPack3 by one of my patients. It's a product that's a multi-vitamin, probiotic, and digestive enzyme, that's a nutritional supplement. A multi-vtiamin that I've been taking and overall paersonally I've felt much better. It seems to be a very good multi-vitamin.

One of the things that I've been educated on is the idea of having the product come directly to you without having a long shelf life which obviously degrades some of the enzymes and multi-vitamins. The product has been very fresh. I take it before the meals that I eat and for the most part it's been very good, I've felt a little bit better with my own personal health. 

It's a product that for some of our patients who would feel a benefit from some nutritional supplementation, we've been recommending it and I hope that you guys have a chance to try it too. 

And for the most part it's been pretty good.

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, MD


Albuquerque, New Mexico

More Testimonials

“With my busy life grabbing a PowerPak3 (probiotic, prebiotic and vitamins) is a Godsend for my body to get just what it needs…so awesome, so easy. I pop the vitamin pack in my purse or my pocket if I’m biking and boom I’m set for lunch or dinner out and don’t need to miss my nutrition supplements. I FEEL GREAT AND LOVE HOW HANDY THEY ARE. Such a great idea! Thanks, Dr. Joe!”


Rachel Sussman 

Special Education Teacher

Age 53

"See Your Quote Here"

“Your PowerPack3 testimonial can be the next one seen here!”

“Dr. Joe Kasper has always stood for great health. The guy walks the walk and talks the talk. When he introduced me to the Power Pack 3, I was open to its purity and freshness and WITHIN 2 DAYS FELT INCREASED ENERGY IN MY BODY! Wow! Thank You Dr. Joe for having Vitamins that pack a punch!"


Susan Yarnovich

Colonic Therpaist

Age 60

Most Valuable Player 2015-USOTB Baseball All-Star Game endorses the Power Pack 3!


Chris O’Neil

Ocean New Jersey

Age 42

Joe B.


Arden Heights, New York

Age 72

"See Your Quote Here"

“Your PowerPack3 testimonial can be the next one seen here!”

“Guard Dog For Power Pack 3”

Oreo the Organic Dog, Age 5

Regular Price:
Regular Price: $50.99
x3 = $178.97
Now $152.97
(You save $26)
Regular Price: $54.99
x2 = $119.98
Now $109.98
(You save $10)
Regular Price: $45.99
x4 = $239.96
Now $183.96
(You save $56)