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The world's most complete 7 in 1 wholefood supplement.

PowerPack3 is the world's freshest vitamins!  Never stored in a warehouse, holding facility or on shelves.  Always drop shipped directly to you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn’t PowerPack3 just like any other regular multi-vitamin that I can conveniently find at my local store?


A. Not a chance! The PowerPack3 difference can be easily found is in it’s ultra powerful combination of research based formulation coupled together WITH it’s freshness.


PowerPack3 is purposely formulated to contain everything vital that your body needs to function at its peak levels including WHOLE FOODS, super foods, fruits, vegetables, stress fighting anti-oxidants, digestive enzymes to support your energy levels, plus both preobiotics and probiotics which current research is starting to show.can possibly affect ones mood,


Plus, unlike store bought vitamins that lose lose potency and bio-availability from sitting idle on store shelves for months at a time, PowerPack3 is always shipped fresh right to your door direct after we receive it from our laboratory. We only obtain small quantities of PowerPack3 at a time, which means that since we frequently sell out, we only have fresh PowerPack3’s on hand.

We never ever stock PowerPack3 in large qualities because it goes against what we believe in. This means that your body ALWAYS gets the critical nutrition it needs without you ever wasting your hard earned money.

Q. I’m confused because there are so many different products and supplements on the market. How do I know that PowerPack3 is right for me?


A. You can be assured that PowerPack3 is right for you because Dr. Joe specially formulated it based on deep scientific research to target all of our body’s needs.

Q. PowerPack3 is more expensive then the multivitamins that I can buy at my local store. Won’t what I buy there help me too?


A. There are 3 important answers to this question so please carefully review them all: #1 – Store-bought multivitamins can sit on store shelves for months at a time and lose potency. Also, most of the most popular vitamins use the cheapest ingredients which their manufacturers buy in bulk. This means your body won’t process them in an ideal way since it’s not in the form of whole foods that your body naturally craves. .#2 – Additionally, the likelihood is incredibly low that a store-bought multivitamin will also contain prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics have been discovered by a Nobel Prize winner and have been researched by the most prestigious medical institutions in the world like Harvard, Yale, & Columbia. The brand new emerging research when collectively taken together is indicating that the microbiome is emerging into what could develop in the future as a completely separate way to treat a whole host of medical conditions from the physical to the psychological. #3 – Your average store-bought vitamin won’t also likely contain potent digestive enzymes which can help with uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, gas, and indigestion.


Add all 3 of these previous answers together and it’s easy to understand why a store-bought multivitamin just can’t give your body what it needs to thrive and what it does give you isn’t nearly as high in quality.


So what you think is cost savings from multivitamins from store-bought vitamins really just amounts to throwing your money into the trash.

Q. I happen to know a thing or two about probiotics and it’s apparent that the most expensive ones are all in the refrigerator of my health food store. So how can yours, which isn’t refrigerated, be nearly as good?


A. We specifically utilize Ph stabilized probiotics that do not heat active. The reason why is that if heat stable probiotics can’t live at room temperature then they can’t fully survive once they hit 98.6 degrees once they enter our body.


So you’ll be glad to know that because of that our pH stabilized probiotics do well not only in the upper GI tract area but more importantly they actually thrive in the most acidic ranges in the lower GI where our body needs probiotics the very most.

Q. I’m concerned about taking Power Pack3 because it looks like it contains too many different ingredients. So how do I know that taking this many vitamins, minerals, and supplemental ingredients is actually good for me?


A. You can take it on authority from Dr. Joe himself that all of these purposely chosen ingredients are there to work synergistically to benefit you and support you in order to promote the healthy functioning of the digestive, cardiovascular, metabolic, immune, skeletal, and brain functions of the body.


The Powerpack3 has extremely satisfied customers from all different lifestyles and backgrounds including medical doctors who personally take it themselves. So you can be assured that it is not only good for you and what your body needs, but is also perfectly safe.

Q. I already get all of my nutrition from the food I eat so why would I need to take PowerPack3 or any other multi-vitamin or supplement for that fact?


A. Even if you have a terrific diet and eat the very best organic foods that still doesn’t mean your body is getting EVERYTHING that it really needs. For example, your body might be missing out on the crucial anti-oxidants it needs to fight stress and it’s probably not getting the right strands of the powerful probiotics it needs to X, Y, Z.

Remember what New York Times best selling author Dave Asprey who wrote the Bulletproof Diet had to say, “The idea that you can get all of your nutrients from food is fine in theory but virtually impossible in practice. Soil and water depletion, food and environmental toxins, poor absorption, pesticides, exercise, and lack of calories can all cause nutrient deficiencies. There is evidence that consuming nutrients from food is more beneficial than supplements, which is why you should focus on a nutrient-rich diet first. However, it’s rarely enough”.

Q. I haven’t thought of taking vitamins before OR think they are necessary so why should I start now?


A. Just because you might think vitamins are not necessary to take doesn’t mean your body is getting everything it needs to function at its peak levels. Remember, our bodies are extraordinarily complex machines and just like a Ferarri race car it needs the right race fuel to run at top speed, your body too needs its required full daily supply of fruits, vegetables and so much more to function.

Q. I’ve read before that vitamins don’t work. Since that is true then what’s the point of taking them?


A. The truth is that vitamins and supplements do work, but only if you take them. And only fresh vitamins and supplements have the capacity to support your bodies systems to function correctly.


For example, if your diet is deficient in the nutrients and minerals it needs, then you better believe that a great vitamin to supplement your diet is needed.

As an extreme example, medical science has known for a very long time that different vitamin deficiencies cause different medical problems. Lack of vitamin C, for example, causes scurvy and lack of vitamin K for examples can cause heart problems.

So the solution in both of these cases is to add the needed vitamins back to your body and over time these medical symptoms that have been acquired will eventually go away.

Q. I don’t like the taste of regular vitamins and prefer gummy form so do you offer that as well?

A. As a practicing clinical nutritionist, I would NEVER add-in ingredients to anything that I personally would not take or give to my own family. The big brand gummy vitamins (I’m not going to name names because you probably know who they are) purposely add in unnecessary sugars to make them taste appealing and also add needless food colorings like red #40, yellow #5 and blue #1 to make them look appealing. That gives your body more work to do to nutritionally devoid additives that shouldn’t be consumed in the first place. Also, my PowerPack3 will never add to your dental bills problems simply because nothing extra is ever added in to make my product more appealing for taste's sake alone.

In other words, I never compromise my values in a quest to make the best top quality product. And you shouldn’t either, in a quest to feel your very best.

Q. I need to follow a gluten free diet because I’ve found that it’s best for me so is PowerPack3 right for me?

A. PowerPack3 only contains whole foods and never contains any gluten so you can take PowerPack3 and never worry about having any gluten allergies. Plus, if you have celiac disease Robert M. Russell from Tufts University says, “The treated disease, although clinically silent, may still be causing some degree of poor absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Some celiac patients may need additional iron, calcium, vitamin D, or other nutrients”. This means PowerPack3 can greatly benefit you in such a case.

Q. How do I know my credit card is safe to when I go to purchase PowerPack3?

A. You are 100% fully protected with the BuySafe guarantee. BuySafe is a 3rd party credibility company. Just click on this link for more information:   LINK HERE

Q. Can I get my money back if I don’t think PowerPack3 is right for me?

A. Yes, with Dr. Joe’s “Unique ‘Power Packed’ 100% Risk Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee” he will personally refund ALL of your money personally himself if you don’t think this is the very best multi-vitamin you’ve ever take.

Q. What are Dr. Joe’s credentials, which has allowed him to become the master formulator of the PowerPack3?

A. Dr. Joe holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition and operates the Kasper Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. People who have chronic long-term health conditions are invited to stay there in order to learn about health and nutrition.


You can review all of his credentials below:


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology Cortland State, NY Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a specialty in Exercise Science, Radford University, VA Master’s Degree in Education and Health, Radford University, VA Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, AL; graduated cum laude Doctoral training specializing in Human Performance, Capella University, MN Doctoral training specializing in Aquatic Therapy, Middle Tennessee State University Post-graduate training in Special Populations, University of Wisconsin, Former professional baseball player Author of more than 100 published articles, studies, professional opinion statements, and dissertations on the subjects of exercise, health, fitness, weight management, rehabilitation, and physical conditioning – See more at:

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