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The world's most complete 7 in 1 wholefood supplement.

PowerPack3 is the world's freshest vitamins!  Never stored in a warehouse, holding facility or on shelves.  Always drop shipped directly to you!


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"Power Pack 3 by Far is the Best!"

"Hey, how's it going? My name is Dr. Carlos Gamero.

I'm a doctor of physical therapy and I work here at Elite OSM in the world famous Jackson Link Academy.

I just want to talk to you about Power Pack 3... you know in our profession, being in top performance is very important.  This gives me all of the minerals and antioxidants I need.  I've tried a lot of other stuff... a lot of other vitamins... you know pills and stuff. And this, by far, is the best!

It has probiotics, which I like, and natural enzymes for digestion, which helps my stomach.  I also train MMA, so it is very important that I take these vitamins every day.  It helps with everything from energy levels to even helping me sleep better...

I highly recommend Power Pack 3!

Dr. Carlos Gamero 


Certified Ortho-Therapist